This system was designed to support a surveillance system for 7 days autonomy, consisting of a pole-supported camera, with an antenna and switch.

The position where the cameras were to be placed was not easily accessible, and there was no power source at a close distance, so the use of batteries and a PV panel for charging them was mandatory. A special structure was made, consisting of an aluminium box where the electrical equipment was placed (batteries, wiring, charge controllers, etc.) but also acted as the support mechanism for the panel. The whole assembly was secured to the ground with cement blocks, and was connected to the nearby camera.

The load consists of:

  • Camera 24 V, 3 A, AC (60 W, including max. 18 W for IR and max. 6 W for heater)
  • Switch, 12 V, 6W
  • Antenna 24v DC 0.75A, 6W

And the production unit (autonomous photovoltaic system) consists of:

  • Photovoltaic panel brand REC half cut, twin peak 400 Wp Monocrystalline
  • Inverter unit V.E. Phoenix 12 / 24V 250W Direct
  • Two LEOCH deep cycle gel batteries closed type 220Ah
  • V.E. Smart Solar MPPT 75/10
  • Aluminium mounting system, Galvanized Storage Box and Electrical Accessories



The exact equipment used in such systems is determined through calculations based on the daily consumption of the costumer. Since there is no grid supporting the system and acting as a buffer between the consumption vs production, it is essential that all electrical needs of the customer are thoroughly provided and described in order to deduct to the products required. If the system is undersized then a Shutdown could occur due to lack of power, whereas in oversizing leads to unnecessary expenses. 

What is included in the quote that you receive;

  • Sizing of the system based on the prescribed
  • Comparison between different products and technologies
  • Solutions for complicated projects (multiple-orientations, shading, limited space, etc.)
  • Detailed price breakdown
  • Documentation, Preparation of paper applications to the relevant authorities
  • Installation, Inspection, Setup and Monitoring of the system through online platform