This 40kW system consists of 120 x Sharp Polycrystalline panels of 330W, and 2 x Fronius Symo 20kVa, 3-phase inverters. Such a system produces about 62000kWh per year, yielding annual savings of €10000.

Factory and Industrial roofs are ideal for installing photovoltaic systems, as most of them are either flat or made of metal sheets and have no obstacle on their surface. These two types of roof make movement and installation of the structure frames across the surface easier, thus reducing the installation time to a huge extent, even for large-scale projects.

The nature of business hours of factories is such that they benefit to the maximum extent from the installation of a photovoltaic system. The consumption of a factory is relatively constant over the year, and peaks during the day when the photovoltaic system also exhibits its maximum production. With the right technical study, the electrical needs of the factory can be met to a high degree, without the export of large unused amounts of energy to the network. 



The Net-Billing method is a billing mechanism that converts the unused energy produced from a solar system to currency, which is debited to the owner’s account. The price of energy purchased by the EAC and supplied by the EAC is different, hence a detailed techno-economical study needs to occur in order to determine the right size of the system. The category involves systems ranging from 10kW to 10MW. 

What is included in the quote that you receive;

  • Detailed Techno-Economical study based on 30-minute meter readings over the period of one year, for the determination of the best investment in regards to payback period and annual savings
  • Comparison between different products and technologies
  • Solutions for complicated projects (multiple-orientations, shading, limited space, etc.)
  • Detailed price breakdown
  • Documentation, Preparation of paper applications to the relevant authorities
  • Installation, Inspection, Setup and Monitoring of the system through online platform