The solar net-metering project in Cyprus allows consumers and local authorities to generate up to 3kW of electricity using solar panel technology and to deliver the generated electricity to the local distribution facilities.

The consumer was paying nearly 180 euros per electricity bill (every two months). The net-metering solar PV system of 3kW capacity is going to cover more than 250 euros of electricity needs per bill.

However the consumer is environmental friendly and wants to offer to the society by sending the extra energy to the local electricity distribution. We admire him for his decision and were very glad to offer our services to him.

Net-metering photovoltaic system / design and installation for a house located in Apsiou


What our office offered to the client:

  • Document arrangements and submissions
  • Return of investment (ROI) evaluation
  • Comparison between different technologies (PV panels and PV Inverters)
  • Installation solutions regarding orientation and shading challenges
  • Installation, control, regulation and monitoring of the system