A residential pool in Finikaria, Limassol has a total volume of 55 m2 and it is using a 1.5 kW water pump to filtrate the water.

The owner is paying nearly 700 euros per year for electricity usage of the pump and he is looking for ways to reduce operating costs while ensuring the high quality pool water and hygiene standards.


To reduce operating costs and to continue keeping water quality standards, Limcen Engineers designed a solar powered pool circulation and filtration system. The solar panels provide full power to the pump that will be installed. The return of investment was calculated to be less than 4 years.

Technical overview

Using a computer model, one PS600CS37-1 LORENTZ pump was specified to meet the pumping needs during the daylight which covers more than 90% of the total pumping demand for a residential pool. The pumps use a total power of 1.0 kWp which will be generated using photovoltaic panels.