Are you looking for expert engineers and consultants based in Cyprus?

Limassol Centre of Engineering (LimCEn) is a pioneering company, which consists of highly motivated engineers of various specialties who invest in knowledge, innovation and teamwork.

Launched in 2015 by two friends, Georgios Papathanasiou and M. Iman Khozeymeh, Limcen is now based in Limassol, Cyprus and provides general services and insights in engineering related projects through research, design and analysis.

Engineering is the science of economy, of conserving the energy, kinetic and potential provided and stored up by nature for the use of man. It is the business of engineering to utilize this energy to the best advantage, so that there may be the least possible waste.

Our creative engineers and consultants have the knowledge and expertise to complete a variety of services ranging from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) to Building Services and Manufacturing techniques. We cover various aspects of engineering studies and installations, such as Photovoltaic systems, Solar Thermal systems, Geothermal, Biomass, Heating-Ventilation-Air conditioning-Cooling (HVAC), Energy auditing, Liquid Gas, Biological stations, 3D designing & prototyping and finite element analysis.

Dealing with RES and building services, our mission is to make buildings more energy efficient, sustainable and cost effective to operate. Extending from initial planning to construction and installation, Limcen specialists will offer you a complete project management.

We have established a successful world class network joining forces with companies representing world renowned products and services that leads us even higher in the market.

Additionally, our Design platform can help all commercial industries by offering detailed drawings and 3D visualization of a product. Manufacturing techniques such as prototyping by 3D printing and Finite Element Analysis are also some of our specialties. Combining all these methods, we can offer you our services in every phase of the manufacturing, from research to approval tests/certificates and final production.

Providing the highest quality products, we promise maximum reliability on the products dealing with RES and energy savings.

Our main objective is to have strong involvement on economic and scientific performance worldwide by investing on research and development dealing with the Renewable Energy Sources and manufacturing areas. By offering high tech research services, we give emphasis on developing innovative technology ensured to meet customer expectations and to leave the customer fully satisfied.