Limcen provides a complete design and project management service; from feasibility, design and contract administration to final completion and handover.

We offer electro-mechanical consulting services with high specifications packages and an active interest in energy conservation and low energy options. We adopt a dynamic approach to achieve integrated engineering and building services solutions. Our approach is to produce well considered designs that challenge convention and strive to reduce the carbon impact upon a building or engineering process.

Our goal is to provide a cost effective innovative design that is easy and efficient in operation and low in maintenance with due consideration given to life cycle factors. This often requires a passive design philosophy where the building structure may assist in the initial means of either heating or cooling a building and assisting with the ventilation requirements. To achieve this, it is necessary that our involvement with the project Architect begin at the earliest stage of the design process.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

According to the Cyprus law (K.D.P.164/2009), a new building cannot ensure a building permit unless it has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). EPC is one of the documents that must be submitted to Building Services Authorities with the application for a building permit. Existing buildings for sale or rent must possess an EPC which will be given from the owner to the candidate buyer or tenant.

The Energy Performance building Certificate (EPC) is similar to the long-standing energy labels used for the signage of electrical home devices such as fridges, laundries, clothes dryers, electric ovens and TVs. Similarly, EPC is used for buildings energy signage.

Its purpose is to provide useful information about the total energy situation of the building and to show its energy efficiency compared to a similar reference building.

Based on the annual estimated total energy consumption (kWh/m2) for a typical use of the building and according to its type, the building is ranked in an energy category with scale from A (very efficient – low consumption) till H (no efficient – high consumption).

All new buildings, as well the buildings with useful area bigger than 1000m2 that are getting radically renovated, they should be ranked in categories A or B.

Except the energy category of a building, EPC shows the quantity of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in the environment from the consumption of energy due to the typical use of the building. It shows the percentage of energy consumption being covered by renewable energy sources as well.

The estimated energy category is based on parameters like the age of the building, the orientation, the thermal insulation, the heating system, the cooling system and the lighting of the building.

EPCs and recommendation reports can only get prepared and issued by specialized experts, after carrying out a thorough investigation of the aforementioned building parameters.