This 7kW system consists of  22 x AEG Monocrystalline panels of 310W, and a Fronius Symo 7kVa, 3-phase inverter. 

 Such a system produces about 11500kWh per year, yielding annual savings of €2400.

The panels are placed into two groups, each one operating under difference parameters (slope of the frame in relation to the ground, angle of incident sunlight on the surface of the panel) and therefore have a difference production. The Fronius inverter offers the option of two inputs (2 MPPTs), so each panel orientation can operate independently of the other, and each one on its maximum power point.



The Net-Metering billing method is a mechanism that debits the amount of energy produced by the solar system and not used directly onto the household, for future use. For 1-phase households, the maximum size allowed to be installed is 4.16 kW, whereas for 3-phase households this limit is 10 kW.

What is included in the quote that you receive?

  • Economical study of annual savings and calculation of payback-period
  • Comparison between difference products and technologies
  • Solutions for complicated projects (multiple-orientations, shading, limited space, etc.)
  • Detailed price breakdown
  • Documentation, Preparation of paper applications to the relevant authorities
  • Installation, Inspection, Setup and Monitoring of the system through online platform