The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Limassol has two swimming pools, one outdoor and another indoor. The size of the outdoor swimming pool is 250 m3 and the indoor pool which is heated has a volume of 60 m3.

Heating the indoor pool and keeping the pools clean to the very high standards is an expensive activity for the owner, concerning the high volume of visitors.

The owner is looking for ways to reduce operating costs while ensuring the high quality clean water and hygiene standards.


To reduce operating costs and to continue keeping water quality standards, Limcen Engineers designed a solar powered pool circulation and filtration system. The solar panels provide full power to the pump that will be installed. A heat pump was also designed and installed to cover the heating requirements for the indoor pool which was previously heated by an oil boiler.

Technical overview

The pumping requirements were calculated to be 1860 m3 per day. Using a computer model, three PS1800CS37-1 LORENTZ pumps were specified to meet the pumping needs during the daylight which covers nearly 60% of the total pumping demand. The pumps use a total power of 6.0 kWp which will be generated using photovoltaic panels. Each pump will be powered from a bank of eight solar panels which will give the system a high degree of failure resilience.